Do braces push teeth back? (photos)

Often time its stated that braces are primarily for straightening teeth. My question is that, if one has an overbite can braces push this backwards without additional use of appliances?

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Can braces push teeth back

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Yes, braces can push upper teeth back...the problem is...back to where?
without upper spaces or upper extractions you would have to push ALL the upper teeth backward...a very hard thing to do!  You also have to come up with some force to push them back...headgear? elastics from the lower back teeth (which would pull the lower teeth forward at the same time)
This is why severely protrusive front teeth corrections often times require extraction of middle upper teeth...we then only have to retract a few upper teeth rather than all the upper teeth and we can often use the back teeth on top to anchor the rubber bands for the retraction

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