How do I alleviate the pain from a skin to muscle deformity after liposuction?

I got liposuction 5 months ago and I am still in pain. I have seen other "board certified surgeons" and they all have told me I was overresected. I have seen another plastic surgeon, he said I have a skin to muscle deformity and that is the reason why I have a burning, painful pulling sensation. I had non consented lipo on many areas. The areas where the skin has adhered mostly is the flanks, the sides of the waist, and the left side of my dorsi muscle. Now, how can I fix this without surgery?

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Poor liposuction result

  • If liposuction removes too much fat, skin scars to muscle. This can be painful.
  • there is no correction without further surgery.
  • needle release of the scar and fat transplants under the skin in the painful areas is your best hope.

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