I am 3 months post op. I had my surgery from dr plaza in Cali Colombia. My ab etching is uneven so is my skin. (photo)

Help me fix this.

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Not happy with abdominal etching

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You will require a revision of your high def liposuction results. Please consider getting revision of your abdomen with VASER + Power X + J plasma (this is the secret to tightening your skin).

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Abdominal etching results

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I would discuss your concerns with your surgeon. At three months you might still have some residual swelling that might improve. When you speak to your surgeon specifically mention the areas you are concerned about. They can follow you closely for this and if it doesn't resolve a lot of times further liposuction can be done to even out the areas. 


Surjit S. Rai, MD 

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May it be too early for a revision?  In my opinion yes.  Will the swelling continue to resolve enough that this are will be smooth?  In my opinion, no.  How would I approach this?  I would wait a few more months for the tissues to heal more as the more healing that is there, the easier the revision will be.  Then I would probably revise this with a combination of lipo and fat transfer. 

Marc Schneider, MD
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Post op seromas

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very often post surgical inflammation persists beyond 6 months as well. However it is prudent to seek a reconsult with your PS. the points to address would be presence of seromas and some regions where possibly some fat is left. These are things which happen, and often a small touch up lipo works well for this. No need to panic


Abdominal etching uneven results

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At three months post-op, there is still residual swelling from the surgery.  I recommend that you talk to your surgeon and discuss your concerns.  It is important to communicate with your surgeon to properly coordinate your post-op care to achieve the best result. Your surgeon will know the next step to address your concern. Massaging and possible retouch liposuction may be necessary.  

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Brandon-Dzung Mang, M.D.

Brandon Dzung Mang, MD
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