I have a prominent superficial temporal artery and I want to treat it. Am I a good candidate for sclerotherapy? (Photo)

what to do ?! what decrease it ? and what increase it ? i heard that drinking water more than 3 liters per day decrease the problem ! and what about sclerotherapy ? and its side effects ? thanks in advice

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Temporal artery

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Temporal arteries are not treated with sclerotherapy and are not removed for cosmetic reasons.  Prominent temporal veins can be treated by sclerotherapy or removal by micro incisions.

Naples General Surgeon

Temporal artery excision is not a cosmetic procedure

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Thank you for your question.

The picture you posted as an example shows a temporal vein. Temporal veins can be injected with sclerosant solutions or excised via microphlebectomy. These are cosmetic and not covered by insurance. This will cost you approximately $2,000. 

Temporal arteries are not treated with sclerotherapy as that may cause visual disturbances or vision loss or stroke. They can be excised under specific indications and you should consult a vascular surgeon who has expertise in doing that. 

Dr Karamanoukian

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