Butt Implant Too Small

i had butt implant 3 years ago but from day 1 i knew that the implant were to small. It is a good job in the sens that they don't move but i am not satisfied as I am using pad to make it bigger. now I noticed that they look flatter than a year ago and I am worried if they are getting flat. In addition I have no curve and I wanted some curve which is very important for an african american women. Is it possible to get bigger implants? Have fat transfer to have hips. I am actually 150 pound small.

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Buttock Implants can be exchanged for larger ones.

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Yes, Butt Implants, like breast implants can be exchanged for larger ones in most cases..One other option is  Fat transfer for Buttock Augmentation. It  can be done at the same time and afterwards as a single session or more to improve the size and shape of your buttocks. 

Correcting small implants

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Yes it is possible to upgrade in size, but remember to be cautious; the larger the implant, the more possibility of complications such as sermons or implant extrusion.  The safer option is to try to have fat transfers over  and around the implant to get the shape and size you want, since you are considering fat transfer to the hips.  Good luck!

Buttock Implants Up-sizing

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If legitimate semi-solid silicone rubber buttock implants were used then the implant itself will not shrink or flatten.  However, it is possible to remove and replace the current implants with larger ones now that the tissue has had a chance to stretch out and relax since the last surgery.  Additionally, you may want to consider Hip implants too to give you those "curves" you are desiring.  Hip implants are inserted through a 1 1/2 inch long horizontal incision just below the belt line (within the bikini line).  The implants are made of the same material as buttock implants therefore they are permanent and cannot leak or rupture over time.  Best of luck... drryanstanton.com

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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