Hair growth product claims - true or no evidence? Monat and "IT Works".

I have been seeing a lot of information online lately re: Monat Hair Care Systems (multiple lines/products) and "IT Works" Hair Vitamins. I know both have people raving about hair loss stopping and amazing new growth - but there are many things out there just trying to make money. Have you ever heard of these products? Are there any benefits to using them, or is it another money grabber? If so are there any other vitamins, shampoos or 'systems' you recommend for AGA hair loss/growth? Thanks!

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Hair growth product

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yes, they are trying to make is another money grabber.minoxidil and finasteride are only medications that used to combat with AGA/hair loss

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Claims for hair growth

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Claims for hair growth and formulaes have been around for centuries and people buy promises. Do fall into that trap

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Over the counter products

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Good morning.

I understand that we have the need to try everything that is available to be tried in order to stop hair loss and regenerate, but there is a point when the safest thing to do is get a consultation with an specialist on hair to define what is causing your hair loss and find the appropriate treatment that will prevent further hair loss and help you achieve your goals. Without a proper examination it is very difficult to even recommend you something.

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