Bumpy Scars After Eyelid Surgery

I am 9 wks post op after upper and lower eyelift and my incision lines have gotten strange bubbles on them that look bumpy like cauliflower stalks. The scars are causing distortion of the shape of my eyes and I have a strange web thing on the inside corner of my eye..this pulls the eyelid and is unsightly and uncomfortable.

I have had injections to no avail and use scarfade, but no relief. How can this be helped?

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Upper Blepharoplasty Bumpy Hypertrophic Scars and Medial Webbing

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Hi Worf,

Sorry to hear about your complications from your eyelid surgery. First it is most important to communicate with your surgeon and follow your surgeon's instructions.

It is possible that the injections of steroid may have been improperly placed. It is worth reinjecting within the bumps or hypertrophic scars.

The "webbing" of skin close to your nose will hopefully resolve over time. If not, it may need surgical revision. Depending upon how you progress over the next few weeks to months, a fractionated CO2 laser such as Fraxel repair may help.

I hope that your eyelids heal quickly and without any lasting side effects. Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Bumps after upper eyelid surgery

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It is normal to be lumpy and bumpy the first six to twelve weeks after upper eyelid blepharoplasty. The lumpiness and bumpiness tends to go away by twelve weeks. Occasionally small whiteheads are present along the incision line, which can be expressed with a small needle and aspirated. Occasionally very dilute cortisone injections can be placed into this area. There are no fade creams or wrinkle creams that will help the scar.

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