Scab 6 Weeks Post Op. Is This Normal? (photo)

I had my Tummy Tuck on 8/22. Is this scab normal after 6 weeks? I did see my doc last week and she didn't seem concerned about it. Is there anything I should /could be putting on it as far as antibiotic ointment? I have very little oozing/draining, ( a yellowy fluid) that I am noticing tiny dots on my panties. Thank you

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Scab @ 6 weeks

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"Normal" is not the word I would use, but I do not find this minor problem troublesome. With just local wound care this should heal uneventfully. Your doc may be unconcerned but she should still offer advice on how to manage your incision. All the best.

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Delayed healing after tummy tuck

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Thanks for your questions and pictures.  It does appear that you have an area of delayed healing along the scar line.  This can sometimes happen after a tummy tuck and it does not appear to be a cause for alarm.  It may take at least a couple of weeks to fully heal and its appearance will lag behind the rest of the incision.

Small scab along the incision is OK

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This seems like a small scab along your tummy tuck incision.  It is not dangerous and given sufficient time it should heal well without leaving any marks.  It is an area of delayed healing so it will take longer than the rest of the scar to look 'normal' but eventually it will.

Keep it clean and dry and protect it from abrasions (put a bandaid over it?), and just show it to your surgeon next time you go in for a follow up.

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