Would a sliding genioplasty improve both chin and neck? (Photos)

I have an underdeveloped jaw and weak chin, which the orthodontic practices of the 1980s didn’t help. Now at 46, the skin is loosening under my chin. I want to know if/how much a sliding genioplasty would improve the skin laxity as well as my profile. Also, since my face and neck are already rather long/thin, would the chin need both horizontal and vertical movement for an ideal result?

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Sliding Genioplasty

A sliding geniopalasty does have the advantage of improving the submental/neck region as it brings the bone and attached muscles with it. It also has the advantage in your case of correcting your chin asymmetry. Whether the bone movement should be just horizontal or some vertical elongation needs to be determined by computer imaging before surgery. Every sliding genioplasty potentially deepens the labiomental fold but that can be addressed by simultaneous fat grafting.

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Genioplasty for Neck and Chin

Dear Scalet Lamp,

Thank you for your pictures.  I agree with Dr. Jamali that your mentolabial crease (crease between lip and chin) is a concern.  A sliding genioplasty would accentuate that crease which would not be aesthetically appealing.  In your case you may better served by having a limited facelift/neck lift procedure to improve your jowls and neck.  Your current chin position although not "ideal" is most certainly very reasonable.  Best wishes

Chin surgery

Possibly. You just have to be careful about the labiomental fold. The neck will improve in shape. There is also slight asymmetry which can be corrected as well with sliding genioplasty. The procedure actually shortens the height by 1-2mm.

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