I know drinking water is a good way to flush the body, illness and helps weight loss. Is it good for post op surgery as well?

Im curious to know if drinking a lot of water after surgery would help my body heal faster after getting a TT, Lipo n BBL. Is there anyway i can help my healing process go smoothly or is there anything i can do before and after to help me through this journey.

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Health and Drinking Water

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Drinking extra water does not benefit your health and, when carried to an extreme, may cause health problems.  If you are not thirsty and your urine is not concentrated and dark, you are adequately hydrated.  All drinking more water does is make you run to the bathroom to pee.

Drinking extra water after surgery does not speed healing.

All the talk about extra water and losing weight, etc, is urban legend and has no scientific basis.

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Importance of Fluid Management

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Thank you for your question. Fluid management is an important part of overall surgical therapy. As for removing waste material from your body, after surgery anesthesia remains in your body. You may also be taking pain medication. These drugs can cause constipation. By drinking plenty of water, you can help wash the culprits from your system while minimizing constipation. After surgery, more fluids may be necessary because of wound drainage, as with liposuction. It is very important to stay well hydrated following surgery with liquids. I hope this information is helpful best of luck on your search. 

Michael K. Obeng, MD, FACS
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Hydration is very important post-op. Many patients become dehydrated if they do not drink a lot of fluids because of the normal response of the body to surgery.  

Steven Wallach, MD
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Recovery Help

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Staying well-hydrated and paying attention to nutritional health post op is a great idea. Avoid smoking and any other supplements or medications that your Surgeon recommends.

All the best

Hydration after surgery

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Thank you for your question.  It is always recommended that patients stay well hydrated post-operatively.  With that said, it is also important that patients do not over do it with the fluids as that can have adverse effects.  Drinking plenty of water and electrolytes helps to minimize constipation, removes waste from the body and can also help to remove some residual anesthesia that remains in the body immediately following surgery.  On a daily basis, independent of a surgical procedure, staying well hydrated is good for the body, good for your cells and good for your tissues.  Best of luck!

Water intake after tummy tuck

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It is important to stay well hydrated in the post operative period but do not overdo fluid intake for  the first few days after surgery.    There may be some sluggishness of the bowel due to the surgery, anesthesia or pain medications that are narcotics based which can cause constipation leading to straining in stool evacuation. Because of the muscle tightening with a tummy tuck, straining is painful and restrictive. Drinking water will keep the stool moist and hopefully easier to evacuate. reducing the need to strain.   It does not  improve necessarily improve healing process.. 

Armand V. Simone, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

I know drinking water is a good way to flush the body

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Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well! I highly recommend to all my patients to take a lot of liquids, bcause this help with the swollen and it helps with the drain. I recommend to make a consultation with your plastic surgeon, because each dr,  has their own politic.

Good luck:)

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Drinking fluids after surgery

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Hi and thanks for the question.

It is a good idea to remain well hydrated, especially in the early post-operative period. Water fortified with electrolytes is ideal. 

Best of luck, 

Dr. Vallecillos

Glenn Vallecillos, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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