Broken Nose, Facial Asymmetry.

I broke my nose in high school and it is still a little skew. More importantly, my face is quite asymmetrical. My right side is "stronger" than my left side. One eye larger than the other, uneven jaw etc. I would like to make my face more even, as well as get a more "chiseled" look like a male model(hollow cheeks). My question is, how effective would cosmetic procedures be in correcting these problems? Secondly, which procedures would make the biggest positive different to my look?

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Rhinoplasty only advised

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There would be no problem correcting your crooked nose and this should help the rest of your face look more harmonious with your other facial features.  No ones face is perfectly symmetric. 

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Rhinoplasty for asymmetrical and broken nose

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 Since the nose is the center of the face, repairing a broken and deviated nose will help a lot with facial asymmetries. Repair of a broken nose involves  medial and lateral osteotomies, rasping any bony deviations and hump removal, and  adjusting any asymmetrical tip cartilages as well. A spreader graft is sometimes placed on the concave side when there is significant asymmetry and a breathing problem present. Also important to address any deviated septum and that may be present from the  nasal trauma.Please see link below for examples of nasal fractures we have repaired in our rhinoplasty practice

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