I have read it says BMI 30-40. BMI is 46 Can I still have it done?

Can someone with a BMI OVER 45 get this done?

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Can someone with a BMI get the Orbera balloon?

The Orbera balloon is approved for BMI of 30-40, with best outcomes of BMI less than 35. While it is always possible to make exceptions, especially with a safe and reversible intervention, your outcome would actually be better if you were to lose weight to reach a BMI of 40. You probably do not want to spend money with a procedure that will have less of the results you want. I would recommend a diet like Ideal Protein which will allow you to lose the weight predicatbly and in a relative short time. Women lose 2-4 pounds per week. That will also help you for more weight loss as you continue that diet while the balloon is in place.

I hope this helps you. Best wishes

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