Did I actually have 2800 grafts implanted? (Photo)

Hi, I had a hair transplant a week ago via the fue method to re create my hairline. It was said that i had 2800 grafts implanted. However i fear its much less, i can count the hairs in some places and it generally looks spacey. I have attached pictures. What are your thoughts ? Thanks in advance.

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Number of Grafts

There's no way to tell based off a picture how many grafts you've had placed, the only way to tell for sure is for you to ask your doctor about seeing your records. That should include a count of the number of grafts that they transplanted.

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Medical Report after Hair Transplantation

Thanks for submitting your photos. Based on them you may not did the washing correct as the scabs are not fallen off. What we are expecting is that in between 10-12 days all the scabs have fallen off.

During the procedures all grafts will be counted by the nurse team and a medical report will be prepared. So all details about how many grafts and hairs were transplanted is stated in that report. The best is to ask for it and so you will see the details.

Ozge Ergun, MD
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There is no way to tell if you really received the number of grafts. If you are concerned you can ask your doctor

There is no way to tell if you really received the number of grafts from photos.  If you are concerned you can ask your doctor about your surgical chart.

Jae Pak, MD
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Proper hair wash after hair transplant

It looks like you have significant scabbing which indicates improper washing of the transplanted areas. It is difficult to count the grafts at this point.  If you have any concerns about the number or a patchy appearance you should see your surgeon. You should be coming up to your 2 week appointment, I would definitely address it at that that time if not sooner.

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Thank you for your question. It is difficult to estimate the number of grafts without an in-person examination. I suggest that you discuss with your board certified facial plastic surgeon as they will have both the medical records and the knowledge of your procedure. 

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Graft count

I hope that you are shampooing your hair well by now. You have a lot of scabbing. You should ask for your graft count sheet which is a part of your surgical chart, which will show the number of grafts that were transplanted.

Rae Lynne Kinler, MD
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Did I have 2800 grafts implanted ?

As it was mentioned before your recipient area looks not as exepted  and it means you did not washed your hairs correctly .After the hair transplant surgeries in 10-13 days all scabs should have fallen.Of course the washing and moisturizing are important issues to receive an efficient healing. Regarding your hairline  3 weeks after the hair transplantation is  a very early stage to judge or to expect a result . If you have concerns about the number of the transplanted grafts you may contact your clinic and ask a counting sheet. All the best

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Graft number.

I recommend you wash your scalp well, perhaps soak in a tub of water for 10 minutes to loosen all the scabs off.  Then you should resume all normal hair washing.  You should speak with your physician regarding the graft number.  He or she should have good records of your graft count and placing.

Justin Misko, MD
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Did I have 2800 grafts?

Go back to see your doctor and ask for the counting sheet at the time of the surgery which will show the number of grafts as it is part of your surgical record.  Your post operative care is terrible as the crusts remain caked onto your head. Be sure not to pick these off as you now have to wait until they fall off with twice daily shampooing and leaving the shampoo on your head for 5-10 minutes and gently massaging the crusts until they fall off in the next few weeks.  

William Rassman, MD
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