Bright Red, Hot and Burning Face with Accutane: How Long Will It Last?

I started on Accutane ten days ago for moderate/mild but persistant acne, and within 2 days my face was bright red - almost orangey in colour. It stops at jawline, and is both itchy and hot: flushing up really really hot at times but always a totally different colour to my body or neck. I've looked online and a number of sources say that sometimes it stays that way permanently. I'm really scared now: as it is I'm not sure I can handle the redness (the acne was mild), but will it be forever?

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Accutane and red face

Your face will NOT permanently change color. I would recommend scheduling a follow up with your dermatologist. It's possible you had too much sun, you may need to use a lower dosage, or you may not tolerate Accutane (unusual). 90 percent of the information on Accutane on the Internet is wildly inaccurate ( excluded). Acetone can be life changing. Best to you.

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