Breast Lift Scars: Are They Healing Correctly?

Please give me your expert opinion on my scars. At times I feel as though they are healing nicely then I look at my nipples and they are such odd shaped. Will I improve more as time goes by?
I had my surgery on 3.9.11, breast lift with 375cc HP implants. As you can see by the pictures my right breast has not dropped as much as my left, I am a bit worried about that due to when I work out, my right breast moves a lot more when I am lifting. (only 5 or 8 lb weights)

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Breast lift scars appear to be healing normally.

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You are only 8 weeks from surgery, and neither your scars nor your implants have reached their final appearance! That will take about 6-12 months, with gradual and ongoing changes along the way. Final breast shape is related to both, and as your tissues heal and stretch, and your scars mature and soften, your final results will be revealed. In most cases it's worth the wait!

Though your photos do not show significant discrepancy (particularly for this point in your recovery), an elastic bandeau worn above the "high" breast implant side and below the "low" implant side (at night only) will help to even out position differences. During the day, going braless as much as work and social activities allow will aid in implants dropping into their final position.

Implant movement exercises can help your implant pocket stay open (and the breast soft), and can in some cases help to stretch it slightly, allowing more similar movement when your chest muscles contract. Move your implant on the "tighter" side more vigorously to help stretch the capsule. Can't hurt; might help!

Vitamin E scar massage, silicone scar pads, and ultraviolet avoidance will all aid your scars in fading as much as possible. Remember, however, no matter how skilled we are in suturing your incisions, all scars are permanent. Best wishes!

Breast lift scars healing

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No matter what type of breast lift you undergo there will be scars that will take time to heal.  Breast lifts can be around the nipple ("doughnut" or peri-areolar mastopexy), vertical ("lollipop" type scar), or a full lift ("anchor" type scar).  The scar healing process takes 12-18 months for the scar to fully mature and take on its final appearance. During this maturation process the scars will start off as a thin line, become red and slightly raised, and finally fade and flatten. There might be some irregular, firm, or un-evenness to the scars throughout this process but they should eventually smooth and flatten. The scars in these pictures are just starting to mature and have the typical uneven appearance and are slightly pink. This is a normal appearance at 8 weeks out.  There is some asymmetry to the areola (one is slightly larger than the other) this may not correct itself over time and may require a small revision that can typically be done in the office. There is also some "coning" appearance of the areola that can occur with the peri-areolar lift. This might remain long term.  When implants are placed under the muscle, it is normal for them to move with muscle contraction.  The "settling" of the implants occurs over a 3-6 month period as the skin and muscle relax and accommodate the recent increase in volume.  I would not be concerned with the scars and implant position at this time and allow things to settle.  Regular follow up with your plastic surgeon during the healing process is very important for re-assurance and guidance. 

Too soon

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You are still early out-your breasts take months to settle-also scars change with time-just keep your follow-up appts with your PS to make sure you are on track and voice your concerns to him

#Breastlift Scars improved appearance

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Thank you for your pictures.  Your scars are healing well, and you are only a few weeks from your surgery.  It can take many months for the scars to heal.  To improve the appearance, one option is silicone cream.  Silicone is one of the only proven modalities to improve scarring.  Whether it is in a strip that you stick on, or use of a silicone gel, silicone can flatten scars.  Best of luck.  Dr. Pacella

Breast lift scars--healing correctly?

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At this early stage in your recovery, your scars look like they are healing reasonably well. There are many things your surgeon might recommend along the way, like massage and silicone sheeting, that can improve the appearance along the way. As far as the shape, you will have to allow more time for the scars to mature to see the final shape. And regarding motion of the implants, it's still early in your recovery.

Malik Kutty, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Breast Lift Scars: Are They Healing Correctly?

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Your scars look typical for their stage of healing.

Patients need to be tolerant of minor differences as the healing proceeds. Remember that you didn't undergo one operation on 3.9.11, you had two separate procedures (the right breast and then the left).

Keep your followup appointments with your plastic surgeon, and all the best.

Healing breast lift scars

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Breast lift scars can start out quite thin and then over several weeks become more pink and noticeable before the scars mature and fade in. Your scars look fine for two months of healing. The shift of your breast implants when lifting is due to the submuscular implant pocket.

Best of luck,


Scars post op

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Your scars look great and seem to be healing perfectly. If you are right handed it may explain why one breast is still sitting higher then the other due to your muscle dominancy. Follow your surgeons instructions as to what type of support bra you should be wearing and any massages they would like you doing. It takes several months for the final result. 

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How long do breast lift scars take to heal? #scar

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Being that you are only 8 weeks post op, your healing seems to be going well.  Healing tissue when you read a basic physiology text, takes up to 2 years to complete the process.  While we may inform patients you will be healed in less time, you may notice that scars look better and better as time goes on.  At eight weeks, it is a very dynamic process and you may notice one breast looks better than the other and vise versa.  It's way too early to make any judgement call on your over all scar appearance.  I would be patient for the time being and continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon at your scheduled appointments.  

Healing after breast surgery

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It looks as though you are healing well. The areola incisions should continue to settle out, as this typically takes time. Be sure to keep a good follow-up with your surgeon so he/she can track your progress.

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