When Do Breast Implants "Drop" or Fall into Place?

I just came back from my 1 week check up, and my breast implants have not yet dropped. They are so high that they are not even covering my regular breasts. Doctor says that I have to massage them and they will drop. Is this right? I was so flat-chested that now I seem so big or swollen on top, by my chest bone, and small elsewhere. When do they start falling into place?

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It takes 6-8 weeks to see some and 4-6 months for all of it

Implants will descend over weeks to months. Each patient is different and each surgeon's technique is different. The fullness of the implant chosen for you will also determine how quickly you see the implants settle in. You are way too early to worry. Stick close to your doctor and work with them through the process.

Implants settle into place after surgery

When breast implants are placed under the muscle for the first time, they usually look very high and create a big bulge in the upper chest. The muscle and skin have to take time to stretch out to accommodate the new implant under it, and there is also swelling at the beginning.

What you finally end up with is not what you see right after surgery. Sometimes if your skin is very tight it can take as long as six months to completely settle down, but usually it takes about half that time (2 to 3 months). You can often begin to see changes starting in about 10 days. Don’t worry about it. This is a normal process.

John Silverton, MD
Stockton Plastic Surgeon
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Will Breast Implants "Drop"

In the days and weeks following breast augmentation surgery, there will be may be some changes. But, sometimes implants are not placed in the ideal position.  Too often breast implants can be placed too high. A natural looking result requires experience and expertise on the part of your surgeon. Hopefully your breast will settle into a favorable position. if not, revision surgery is a possibility.

Michael Law, MD
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When Do Breast Implants "Drop" or Fall into Place?

Thank you for the question; congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. As you know, is much too early to evaluate the outcome of the procedure performed. It is most likely that you will find that you will not have “forever high breasts”. Generally speaking, when breast augmentation is performed a “pocket” is created.  Depending on the size  and position of the breast implant pockets  dissected,  as well as the size of the breast implant used,  it may take some time for the breast implants to “settle” into the dissected pocket.  This process may be referred to as “dropping and fluffing”.  It may  require 3 to 6 months to occur.  at this point, although easier said than done, I would suggest ongoing patience;  you will find that time and patience will be your "best friends" over the next several weeks/months. Best wishes.

When do Implants Settle?

It is completely normal for your implants to look high up after having surgery. Usually it takes about several months for your implants to settle. Reminder; they will not settle at the same time so one day you might find one breast higher than the other and then maybe vice versa another day. It's only been a week, give it time... 6 months after your surgery is where your breast will fully be settled.

Breast implants 'settle' after 4-6 weeks

It takes 4-6 weeks for your breast implants to 'settle'. There are many factors involved, including the tightness of your brest skin, envelope, the size and profile of your implant, the surface of the implant, and whether your implants were placed entirely under the muscle or partially under the muscle.

In reality, it is not that the implants have to 'move' down or 'settle', it's just that the lower pole of the breast tissue and skin needs to expand. Be patient.

Sanjay Grover, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Implants dropping into place

Every patients is different, but it can take up to 3 months for breast implants to drop into place.  Please be patient and give time for swelling to go down and for the implants to drop into place.

Mark W. Greene, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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When Do Breast Implants "Drop" or Fall into Place?

There are many factors that go into the final breast implant position.  Smooth, and especially smooth round implants will tend to move up early after surgery and drop into place mostly within 3-6 weeks.  Textured implants do not move the same way.  Work with your surgeon and be patient.

Garrett A. Wirth, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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When do implants start to fall.

You are very early in the post operative course.  Typically implants start to drop at three weeks.  It may take 6 months to a year for them to settle into place.  Please continue to let your plastic surgeon know your concerns.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Usually takes 3-4months

It is very common for your implants to seem high immediately after surgery - specially with swelling causing further distortion. Once the swelling resolves and your tissues soften and stretch in the lower part of the breast, the implant will settle into your breasts. That typically happens after about 3months. Be patient and the massage techniques will help and keep you involved in your recovery.

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