Brazilian Butt Lift Financing Available?

I am interested in having the procedure done but i wont be able to pay for it all up front. is there any financing options available for a regular working citizen?

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Brazilian Butt Lift Financing Available?

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Consider Care Credit or other agencies. Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

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Financing the Brazilian Butt Lift

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Traditional methods of financing cosmetic surgery are available for the BBL. Traditional financial institutions include Care Credit, Chase or Capital One. Discuss this with your surgeon of choice or check out their websites for options.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Financing for a Brazilian Butt Lift

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A Brazilian butt lift is a safe and effective procedure that combines liposuction of the abdomen hips waist and back and then fat grafting to the gluteal region. This is a safe and effective way to contour the lower body. The costs of any Brazilian Butt lift depend on the amount of time and work that is necessary for liposuction and grafting procedures.

In our practice, we have many financing plans that make this procedure affordable to just about any budget.
Keep in mind, that you will find unethical providers out there that'll offer to inject all sorts materials into the butt for augmentation. Please know that this is very dangerous and that here in South Florida, we have seen many patients with severe deformities and several patient deaths.
Always keep your health and safety first and foremost in your mind!

Am I able to finance my Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Hi there-

In fact, many patients pursue financing of their desired aesthetic procedure, and there are many banks, brokers, and financial organizations offering these services, including CareCredit, MyMedicalLoan, and others.

I would also encourage you to investigate personal financing through your bank, as your relationship with them may make it possible for you to receive better terms from them than from another party.

I encourage you to read more here as well:

There's a global credit crunch

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There are a number of credit companies that finance cosmetic surgery. However, unless you live under a rock, you know about the downturn in the global economy that is a direct result of banks too freely giving out loans to people that couldn't afford to pay them back. Now, after creating the economic mess that is vexing us ALL, the financial institutions and banks have withdrawn into their shells, much like the "piss clams" that we used to catch as kids. The loans are hard to come by unless your credit score is over 700. Good luck!

Financing Brazilian Butt Lift

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As others mentioned there are many financing companies, shop for best rates.

Work with the plastic surgeon office.

Sometimes, the patient pays my office on monthly basis till the balance is fully paid then we do the surgery.

Remember if you need revision, you are responsible for the cost, you must take that in consideration.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Majority of our patients finance some or all of their surgical fees

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Sure! The majority of our patients finance some or all of their surgical fees. We offer several different finance companies as well as the option of making monthly payments in advance. Some patients use their credit unions. Others prefer credit card options. We have even had patients who have called their credit card company and explained that they are planning to use their card for surgery and requested lower interest rates and gotten them. One was even given 0% interest for 6 months. Of course you have to have good credit to get them to do this.

Be sure you choose your Surgeon according to who can give you the best results, not by price or financing options. You are better waiting and saving up your money than having to repeat the procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift financing

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Most, if not all cosmetic surgery practices offer choices in outsource financing. There are over 10 companies who offer this type of financing. Please be careful and review the hidden charges. They can add $'s to your loan amounts. For me, I recommend they seem to be the fairest to the patient and doctor. Most of the others loaning companies have hidden fees, charges and charge the docs a fee to loan you the $'s. Regards.

Cosmetic Surgery Financing

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A large number of our patients finance their cosmetic surgery. Depending on your credit rating you may be able to get loans from your local bank or credit union, Citi Financial, Health One (offered by our office) etc. While we accept credit cards, I would prefer you did not use them because of the large interest rates you will be charged by them.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Financing for cosmetic surgery

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Many patients use various means of financing to afford a cosmetic procedure.  The most common is to use a credit card and get some miles for your next Hawaiian vacation. Care Credit is also a popular financing plan offered through most offices. 

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