What is the average cost of lyft compared to regular restylane?

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Pricing for Restylane vs Restylane Lyft

Here are the prices for Restylane in our office.  

Restylane 1cc - $500

Restylane 0.5cc - $350

Restylane Lyft  - $600

Hope that helps.  Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Burbank Dermatologist

Cost of Restylane Lyft vs Restylane

Most practices will charge more for Lyft than regular Restylane because it is a more expensive product to purchase for the practice.  In my practice I charge $100 more for Lyft compared to Restylane.  I use a lot of Lyft for the cheeks and temples.  I find that results are comparable to Voluma but at a better price point for the patient.  
Richard Ort, MD
Richard Ort, MD
Lone Tree Dermatologic Surgeon
28 reviews

Cost of Restylane products

In our practice we have a simple model for pricing Restylane products. Any 1ml syringe, whether it's Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft or traditional Restylane is $600. There are 2ml syringes which are $900. Consider signing up for the Aspire rewards program with Galderma (the company that makes Restylane) to get discounts and rewards. Be well, Dr. M
Jared Mallalieu, DO
Jared Mallalieu, DO
Annapolis General Surgeon
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Retylane Lyft

Thank you for your question about Restylane Lyft.

Realself provides data for the average cost of this procedure and others for your specific geographic area.  Cost can vary significantly depending on where you live, as well as different surgeon’s fee and facility fee. To be sure, see two or more experienced, licensed and board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have treatment. I hope this helps.

Restylane Lyft/Tear Troughs/ Liquid Face Lift/Hyaluronic Acids

I appreciate your question.

Cost varies by geographic location, expertise, anesthesia, and length of procedure etc.  I would recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery and who is also a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgery.  You can call their offices in advance and ask for quotes prior to scheduling consultations.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon



Cost Comparison between restylane lyft and regular restylane

Most practices charge more for restylane lyft than regular restylane. Moreover, restylane lyft does require greater injector skill to perform properly.

We charge $600 for 1 syringe of restylane lyft, or $1100 for 2 syringes of restylane lyft. We charge $550 for 1 syringe of regular restylane, and $1000 for 2 syringes of regular restylane.

Consult in person with 3 experienced and expert physician injectors to understand your options.


Thank you for the question. The cost of Restylane and Restylane Lyft will vary depending on your location. Lyft, formerly known as Perlane, tends to be more expensive than Restylane and is used in treating different areas of the face. It is best to contact a board certified plastic surgeon in your city to discuss what treatment option is best for you and the cost involved. Best of luck.

What is the average cost of lyft compared to regular restylane?

Hello Joyceellen,

You would be best served by calling the injectors in your area for prices.  The cost of doing business, and therefore the cost of syringes, varies widely around the country.  Lyft costs the injector more than regular Restylane.  Whether this charge is passed onto the consumer depends on the practice.  

I hope this helps and good luck.  

Restylane Lyft

Restylane Lyft was previously known as Perlane, the name was changed recently after FDA approval for mid-face injection. They not only changed the name but raised the price. We rarely use Restylane any more, now that we have Restylane Silk and Restylane Lyft. We charge $700.00 per syringe of Restylane Lyft.
David S. Felder, MD
David S. Felder, MD
Fort Lauderdale Oculoplastic Surgeon
94 reviews

Restylane vs Restylane Lyft Prices

The prices for Restylane Lyft will be a bit higher because the price of these syringes is more. In my practice I charge $600 for a syringe of Restylane, and $650 for Restylane Silk and Restylane Lyft. Remember that all of these filler types though have different uses by area so they aren't necessarily interchangeable with the same effects.

"This answer has been solicited without seeing this patient and cannot be held as true medical advice, but only opinion. Seek in-person treatment with a trained medical professional for appropriate care."
F. Victor Rueckl, MD
F. Victor Rueckl, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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