Getting Braces After Pulled Wisdom Teeth?

If I get my wisdom teeth pulled before I get Braces, how long after getting them pulled do I have to wait to get my braces?

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Braces after wisdom tooth extractions

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Ideally wait a couple of weeks so that you would not have any discomfort keeping your mouth open for awhile...everything else should be fine!

Saint Louis Orthodontist

You can get braces right away after having wisdom teeth removed

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There should be no reason for you to have to wait to get braces after wisdom teeth are removed.  If the 3rd molar teeth are removed, and proper healing has taken place, then go ahead with the braces.  Having 3rd molar teeth removed has just eliminated one of the reasons for having relapse after orthodontic treatment.

The wait after tooth extractions is brief

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Normally the wait is a matter of weeks, just long enough for the tissue to close up.  Since the treatment will be in front of the missing teeth, the void in the bone won't affect the treatment and braces can start right away.

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