Braces or Invisalign for Patient with Benign Vertigo?

I have benign vertigo and have read that Invisalign can cause a lot of head pain. Should I not consider Braces since I have vertigo or are the chances of head pain minimal? I just have a gap in front teeth that I want fixed. It's not bad at all. Thank you.

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Invisalign should be fine for patient with benign vertigo

Vertigo is usually caused from an inner ear fluid issue. Invisalign is a kinder, gentler way of moving teeth which is much less painful than traditional braces. You won't get head pain from them just some minor tooth sensitivity in the area of movement. If your bite is also being corrected with Invisalign then your Vertigo could actually be reduced a little.

The TMJ joint is very near the ear canal so if your bite is off it can't create a lot of pressure on your ear canal which could slightly affect your inner ear fluids. People that have TMJ issues can also have vertigo also. Its very complicated and you need a good consult with both professionals. All in all I think you would be fine to fix your front teeth with no problems.

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Simpler solution for gap

You should consider a simple bonding restoration if your only problem is a small gap between the front teeth...less time, trauma, stress and $.

If your vertigo is a result of TMJ Dysfunction then Invisalign is NOT recommended.

Brad Lockhart, DDS
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Invisalign Could be fine, but evaluate the TMJ's first

Because vertigo is a condition associated with TMJ Dysfunction, this is a condition that must be ruled out.  Do you have headaches, eye or ear problems, clicking jaw joints or clenching of teeth? These are all common symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction.  Having ruled it out I would proceed with Invisalign treatment with caution.  You can always change the aligners on a slower time frame, say every 3 weeks instead of every 2 weeks.  This of course lessens the pressure on the teeth and can be a safer plan.  Good luck.

Kent Lauson, DDS, MS
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