Braces Before Molars?

im an 12 but my molars have not come though and i think i need braces. can i have them?

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12 year molars are not necessary to begin treatment

It is usually safe to start treatment at your age, as the 12 year molars will most likely grow in during treatment.  It is very important to have these teeth aligned with the rest of the bite, so as long as we are able to attach to them during treatment it should be fine.  I typically tell patients that as long as we can attach to them about 4-6 months prior to our estimated finish date, we should be fine and be able to finish "on time".  So unless all your teeth have been delayed in their eruption, you should be fine.  An x-ray can help to verify that they are indeed on their way.

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Braces before 12 year old molars erupt

You are talking about your 12 year molars..Most times we really do not need these teeth in to be able to start treatment as they often will erupt in their proper place when the rest of the teeth are corrected. 

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
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Braces and 12 year molars

Great question!  An x-ray will show show how far your 12 year molars are from coming in.  If they are close, you may be able to start braces now.  Then when they come in after a few months braces can be put on them if needed.  On occasion these teeth don't come in until age 15 or even later.  In cases like that it is sometimes necessary to complete the regular braces without the 12 year molars and then use partial braces for a short time to align them at a later date.  You should discuss this with your orthodontist in order to make the right decision in your case. 

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