Can Braces + Extractions Fix my Class 2 Overbite and Flaring Teeth or is Jaw Surgery Needed? (photo)

Hi,I have a moderate Class2,deep overbite. From profile my Class 2 overbite protrudes my teeth/lips into a "monkey mouth"look. 1st Ortho I visited said by extracting 2 upper teeth +2 years of braces,she could fix my tooth protrusion & reduce the monkey mouth look. 2nd Ortho I visited says that above procedure won't yield results I want & recommends expensive jaw surgery. Is what 1st ortho said possible to fix my overbite tooth protrusion w/o giving older person's "sunken" teeth look?

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Extractions or Surgery for Class II problem

It can probably be done either way HOWEVER the cosmetic result in terms of profile will be  somewhat DIFFERENT between the two methods.  If your current chin position is good relative to other parts of the face and the upper lip is very full (protruding), then upper first bicuspid extraction may work quite well by reducing the fullness of the upper lip.  Upper first bicuspid extraction can be a really excellent treatment plan in the right properly selected and carefully planned cases.  If the chin position in the face is quite far back and/or down with the upper front teeth and jaw well positioned relative to the nose, upper lip contour and face then a mandibular advancement surgery or sometimes surgery for both jaws when there is excess lower facial height may give a much better cosmetic result.  This is obviously a much more complex treatment plan however in some cases it is the only way to get the very best cosmetic result.  Be sure to go to an ADA recognized specialist in orthodontics and ask to see photographs of similar cases that he has personally treated to see if you like the results he was able to get for patient's with problems similar to yours.  Don't be afraid to get several opinions until you find someone who you really feel comfortable with.  You want to sure to get this right the first time.



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Avoiding surgery

I think you can avoid surgery. If one orthodontists says you need it, go to another. There is nothing wrong with getting a few opinions. Orthodontist usually don't charge for that.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
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