Safe to Have Eyelid Lift 3 Weeks After Botox?

i had botox done three weeks ago, is it safe to have eyelid lift?

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What are the effects of Botox on eyelid or brow?

To answer this question accurately, I would need to know exactly where the Botox was injected.  Botox injections influence Brow position which in turn will influence the the eyelid skin.  If you are considering eyelid surgery it is best to wait and allow the Botox to wear off before having the surgery.

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Botox and upper eye lift

I woudl probably have you wait untilt he Botox wears off. This may take about 4 months total. Botox injected into the forehead will affect the brow position and then may affect the upper eyelid position.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Eyelid surgery after Botox

Upper Blepharoplasty following the treatment of the glabellar area with Botox should not be a problem, however the surgeon perfoprming the blepharoplasty should be aware of thye fact that you received Botox recently.

Botox can raise the position of your eyebrows, but it should only have a minimal effect on the amount of redundant skin on the eyelid itself. I would be reluctant to perform a blepharoplasty if you had a resolving hematoma (bruise) or swelling in the eyelid, as this may make it difficult to judge the amount of skin to resect. Also, if you had any droopinessof the eyelid as a complication of Botox, and the surgeon was not aware of this fact, he/ she may unwittingly attempt to correct this problem surgically.

Wilfred Brown, MD
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It's a little goofy

It is a little goofy.  I am a highly experienced eyelid surgeon.  The BOTOX can affect the position of the eyebrow and how the lid fold rests on the eyelid.  This will change as the BOTOX wears off.  To get the most accurate surgical result, you should be assessed when the BOTOX has worn off.  Otherwise it is likely that your surgeon will be adjusting your eyelids to a position that only exists when you have BOTOX in your forehead.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Eyelid surgery after Botox

Eyelid surgery should be safe 3 weeks after Botox injection.  Unless your brows were significantly elevated after the Botox injection, blepharoplasty can proceed.  Otherwise, there may be less skin redundancy with elevated brows and once the Botox wears off and the brows come down, you may still have that excess skin to the upper eyelids.  Lower eyelid surgery can proceed if Botox was injected only into the crow's feet. 

Etai Funk, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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