Botox Price for Forehead Wrinkles?

How much would be the total price of Botox for the forehead if it is priced at 10 dollars per unit?

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Price of Botox treatment at $10.00 per unit

First of all, be careful chosing the Doctor who will inject the Botox.

Most experienced  Board Certified Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons will charge more than $10.00 per unit, although it is possible that you may get very good results at this price.

We inject between 14 and 22 units on the brow and 8  to 16 units on the forehead, to start with.

We often  review the results 2 weeks later, especially for new patients. We can then inject additional units  if necessary.

We charge $13.00 per unit.

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No way of knowing.  First I'm not sure everyone prices Botox at $10 per unit and if they do, there's no way to tell how many units your forehead would require.  In our Beverly Hills/Los Angeles office, we charge $300 per area for Botox and the forehad takes typically 2 areas for a total cost of $600.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Botox - cost

In general, the forehead requires anywhere from 10-20 units of botox depending on the patient's anatomy.  Therefore at $10 a unit this should run you anywhere from $100-$200.  In your consultation, you should feel comfortable talking to your surgeon about how many units he/she thinks you'll need prior to injecting.  That way you will have a better understanding as to how much your total cost will be.

Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

Botox Costs

Although most places charge by the unit, I think this can leave people confused and unhappy.  I our practice, we charge by the area treated.  Each area in the upper face costs $175.  Typically treated areas include between the eyebrows (glabella), the forehead, and in the "crow's feet".  First-time patient discounts and other specials often apply.  There are several benefits to charging by the area:

  • We use as much Botox as is necessary to work, but don't overuse
  • You are guaranteed the muscles will be paralyzed.  If not enough was used, touch ups are done at no cost.  Again, you pay for the area and not the amount of medication used.  Its my job to make sure I use enough.
  • You know exactly how much it will be before you come in.  No surprises.

As a side note, I typically use between 20 (one area) and 60 (3 areas) units for the upper face, so the total cost is less than $10/unit.

John Bitner, MD
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Botox Price

The price will range from $10-15 a unit. In my practice we charge $12.50/unit. I personally do all of my own injections. I do urge you to check the credentials and experience of your injector prior to your first Botox session.

Botox Cost for the Forehead.

I typically use 8-12 units for the horizontal lines of the forehead. 
The dose depends on the size of the muscles, and the patients past experience. 

I charge $11 per unit.  At that rate, the cost would be $88-$132.  

At the $10 per unit price, the cost would be $80-$120.  

Cost of Botox

In most areas I am familiar with the price for Botox injections is between $10-$20 per unit. The number of units varies by the individual as well as physician preferences. For most female patients I use approximately 25 units to treat the forehead and around the eyes. Men and women with thicker muscles may need higher doses.

F. True Lansden, MD
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Botox forehead

Botox used in the forehead can vary widely when priced by unit or region. Some practices charge by unit alone and depending on your needs may require quite a bit for 11 lines and forehead lines. Other practices charge you both the 11 lines and forehead separately. There is a delicate balance when using these products in this area as to not make your forehead too droopy where you feel tired or have heavy eyes all the time and get an adequate lift. Be sure to ask about follow up if the outside of your eyebrows elevate or you look like 'Spock' to assure the best result possible.

Sean Paul, MD
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Expect to pay $100-300 to smooth forehead wrinkles with Botox

How much you pay will depend on the amount of Botox used, the expertise of your injector, and the zip code. 

Fore head Botox Cost

I would normally start with 10 units of Botox or 30 units of Dysport in the forehead region.  I would consider putting more if there is still movement and no heaviness in the brows.  Most places charge by the unit, so you can multiply the cost per unit.  I will mention, however, that results do vary using the same number of units depending on the injector skill and those with more experience and skill usually charge more.

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