Botox to Straighten Nasal Tip?

Hi. Can the tip of my nose be corrected with Botox? If not, do you think the risk of a having surgery is justified to straighten the tip of my nose? Please see attached picture.

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Botox for the Nose

Botox is effect in two places on the nose.  First, Botox can be used to reduce "bunny lines" along the dorsum when you scrunch your nose.  Second, Botox can be used on the tip depressor muscles to help prevent lowering of the tip as you are asking.  It is worth a try with Botox to see if you achieve your goals before undergoing a surgical procedure.  Good luck.

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Can Botox correct a droopy nose?

The answer is sometimes. If the nose dips with smiling, then yes it may. The best way to find out is to try it. If it doesn't work, nothing is lost. Then you know you will need surgery. By the way, Botox cant fix anything else, so if there are other changes you want, then you should have a rhinoplasty to fix all of it.

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Botox will stop movement when you smile.

In this photo, you are smiling. You may have a very overactive nasal depressor muscle. When this muscle is overactive, it can cause a dipping of the nose when smiling, talking, or making certain sounds. Botox can temporarily stop this movement. Another option for this issue is surgically incise this muscle during Rhinoplasty surgery. 

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Botox and nose

Some doctors have been using botox to prevent the tip from plunging when a patient smiles, but it will not correct a poorly projecting tip or poorly shaped tip.

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Botox will not change the shape of your nose


Botox is a very powerful and effective medication for the relaxation of muscles. In the face, Botox may be used to erase lines that are caused by the contraction of muscles. Botox injected into the notes may help you raise the bunny lines of the nasal bridge. However Botox will not shift the nose for change its shape rotation or projection.

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Botox will not straighten the nasal tip

Botox will not straighten the nasal tip. It is a neuromuscular blocking agent used for facial expression muscles in the forehead between the eyebrows. It is also used for crow’s-feet and the horizontal lines on the forehead.

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BOTOX is not usually given to change the appearance of your nose.

 Dear Rachel,

I don't think BOTOX would correct the droopiness of your tip when you smile. Is that what you mean by "straighten the tip of my nose"?

If you find the right surgeon, Rhinoplasty would likely be the best way to address the concerns you have about your nose.

Best regards.


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Botox for nasal tip.

Your nasal tip appears to lack projection. Botox will not help with that problem. Surgery certainly can correct the problem, but only you can decide whether or not the risk and other considerations of proceeding with surgery are worth while. Those are items that should be discussed with you surgeon at the time of your consultation.

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Yes, Botox can possibly straighten nasal tip


Botox is a medication which is applied via a small needle to help relax muscles of the face. It is a quick procedure in the office. Cosmetic results are temporary, only lasting a few months.

From your profile view, it appears your tip drops a bit when smiling. If the tip of your nose bothers you only when you smile, then yes Botox is a possible alternative to rhinoplasty surgery. A single injection of Botox would be given to help relax the nasal muscles which affect the nose.

However, it appears you may also have excess cartilage from the nasal septum which affects the appearance of the nose and tip. Botox will not help with cartilage or bone reshaping.

Justifying rhinoplasty surgery is a personal decision, based on an informed decision and counseling from rhinoplasty surgeon.

Speak with a plastic surgeon for options regarding rhinoplasty.

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