Botox for Poor Skin Texture from Pores, Oil, and Scars?

I've heard that you can get intradermal Botox specifically to refine the look of oily, open pored, and bad textured skin. Is this true? Or is this a waste of money? Does it work and where on your face can you get this done? What if there is scarring present in or around the pores? Will any doctors know what I'm talking about in the Northeast US if I ask for this treatment?

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Botox to reduce pore size, oil, and scars

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There is no physiologic reason why this should work, and probably doesn't! Accutane--low dose, intermittant, and long term can help reduce sebum (oil). The SmoothBeam laser definitely reduces sebaceous gland activity, hence reduced oil and acne. Fraxel Laser resurfacing can improve scars, and may help shrink pore size due to adjacent collagen remodelling.

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Botox for skin texture & pores

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There isn't a well-established method or standard for Botox to help in skin texture, pore size, oil, or scarring. There have been some reports by dermatologist & plastic surgeons that Botox cosmetic has helped not only facial wrinkles, but also skin quality. Keep in mind, Botox cosmetic is not FDA approved for intradermal treatment. Any positive results would be delayed, and there may yet be unknown risks to this method.

Speak with a cosmetic physician who provides Botox, and determine if Botox cosmetic is appropriate for you.

Botox for large pores

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Botox is not FDA approved for use in treatment of skin pores and acne scarring. I would recommend seeing a board certified dermatologist who will have a variety of treatments to offer, both pharmaceutical and lasers.

Early data suggests Botox for poor skin texture may work

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A small study by A Shah published in the Journal of Drugs and Dermatolgy in 2008 entitled "Use of intradermal botulinum toxin to reduce sebum production and facial pore size" suggests that Botox may help wth pore size and sebum production. The study was small so larger studies are needed to see if other doctors get similar results.

Botox should have no effect on scarred tissue. Subcision may help for scarred tissue.

Retin A or Accutane (not if you are pregnant) may be better for reducing sebum producition, and less costly.

I would encourage a skin care conslt with a good dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

You should be able to bring up these findings in your consult.

Good luck!

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