Can I Get Botox After Chemical Peal?

hi guys! i had some hyperpicmented skin and on tuesday i had a tca peel. i have been on a course of 6 in the last couple of months with little result. so this time, my doctor decided to "bring it up a notch" and do a tca peel. i finally landed an appointment with a celebrity botox guru (famous worldwide) and the appointment is tomorrow night/.... can i have the botox? like i said, skin feel normal except for a bit tight. the botox is only going to be on my crows feet. if i inject it, will i end up with scars? i have a big party next week, please help!

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Should be safe

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Yes, it should be fine to get a Botox treatment after a chemical peel. If you do it in reverse then waiting 2 weeks is optimal.


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You will not have any scars from Botox and it will be perfectly safe for you to proceed.  You should be in good shape for your party next weekend and the Botox will have had time to take effect.   

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