Passive sex after breast augmentation?

I didn't realize that sex was off limits after breast augmentation. I'm 9 days out and have not been following this "rule". I just looked it up and I've seen surgeons saying wait at least 2-4 weeks but what if your very passive and careful. Should I be worried I've caused any damage? I'm not due to see my surgeon for another two weeks.

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Limitation on sexual activity after breast augmentation?

Let's be clear. We're talking about sex . . . er, breast surgery, and the question is what degree of activity (any kind, but more about specifics later) will lead to bleeding and re-operation. Every surgeon will have their own recommendations regarding activity after surgery, and willingness to accept risk of bleeding and re-operation is different with each of us. 

Sex can be very "active," and blood pressure and pulse elevation, as well as manipulation of the breasts, may cause bleeding. But if "very passive and careful" sex has not caused bleeding thus far, you are lucky, or really have been passive and careful.

Any damage you would have caused would be visible (significant swelling--usually double on the side that bleeds) and does not "go away." So relax, take a deep breath, and keep on being careful. You can stop being passive at 4 weeks from surgery, unless active sex involves use of a trapeze--then wait 6 weeks! 

You could certainly avoid ANY further sex until you ask your surgeon in two weeks, but I think I detect a hint of pride in reporting you were a "bad girl." There really is no "rule" about sex after surgery, just good common sense in trying to avoid complications (or "getting away with" at least someone's ideas about "misbehavior"). Remember, you must use your new breasts' powers for good! Best regards! Dr. Tholen

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Breast augmentation postoperative recovery

Best to wait 3 weeks before having sexual relations. Even passive sex can cause an increase in blood pressure, blood flow and may result in a hematoma. No more exercise then a mild walk is best. Ask your plastic surgeon. Having done it, I would not give it a second thought unless you had an increase in pain in one breast.

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I let my patients have sex right after surgery

different doctors have different thoughts on the matter. I think most PS are way too conservative in this area. It is very hard to damage a BA surgery, even early on.Of course, you have to use common sense and this is not the time to to be swinging from the chandeliers. However, you heart rate go up somewhat is very unlikely to cause a bleed (even less likely after 72 hours). i would recommend wearing your sports bra during this is extremely unlikely you have caused any damage to your BA because you had sex so I would not worry too much about this.
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Exertion after surgery

I tell my patients to limit exertion for the first 3-4 weeks after surgery. Sex also should be considering exertion as well.  Common sense will dictate in many ways what you can do.

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Pressure on your breasts and elevated heart rate and blood pressure are to be avoided.

Thanks for your email. My colleagues have addressed your concerns correctly. The main things to avoid early after your surgery for about three to four weeks is pressure on top of your breasts, a lot of bouncing (such as in jogging, power walking, horseback riding, or motor boating), and an elevation in blood pressure or heart rate. If you follow these principles you should be ok. Just be aware that there are physiologic changes in your body that occur during sex that are beyond your controlled, including elevated heart rate and blood pressure, that can potentially impact on your surgical outcome in terms of increased swelling or even bleeding if sex is undertaken very early after surgery. Good luck. 

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Passive sex after breast augmentation?

In the first weeks after an invasive surgical procedure the risk for bleeding through an increase in heart rate and blood pressure is high, and it is best to avoid any strenuous activity.  Assuming you have not seen a material change in the appearance of your breasts all is likely well, but discuss this with your surgeon so that they can follow you closely to ensure uncomplicated healing.  Best wishes.

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Sex after breast augmentation surgery

There is a lot of variation in the recommendations made by different surgeons about activities, including sex, after any kind of surgery. After breast augmentation we want to make sure the patient doesn't do anything that would increase the risk of bleeding from the raw tissues around the implant or disrupt the surgical incision. That means avoiding trauma to the breast (getting hugged, squeezed, massaged in the breast area, etc.) and avoiding things that make your heart rate or blood pressure increase (like vigorous physical activity -- including sex). After three or four weeks, the tissues have healed enough that such activities would have little chance of causing wound disruption or bleeding. So it is really a matter of common sense – if you engage in sex that does not involve any manipulation of the breast and does not cause your heart rate or blood pressure to go up you probably wont do any harm. Probably won’t have much fun either.

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Sex and Recovery

Sex can cause your blood pressure to rise and cause bleeding.  Your surgeon is your best resource your post operative care.

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Heart rate and breast augmentation

Congratulations on your procedure and thanks for sharing your question. I can appreciate your concern.
Unfortunately, pressure on your implants and increased heart rate may result in potential bleeding or misplacement of the costly procedure.Do not risk your surgery for something that can always wait.
Finally, make sure that your doctor is aware of your process. He should be able to guide you best in your care.

Wishing you the best in your journey

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