Can I get laser hair removal on face done after/during laser resurfacing?

I'm getting face laser resurfacing done to address poor skin texture, acne scars and acne marks. I have hair growing on my cheek, on the sides of my eyebrows (temples). I want to go in for YAG laser hair removal (or whatever is safest). I have dark, thick hair and I'm skin type 4 (male). I'm getting Palomar Starlux platform 1540nm laser resurfacing done. How soon should I wait? Is it preferable to get one done before the other? Will YAG ruin the improvements of the 1540?

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Yag laser for hair removal during laser resurfacing?

It is best to wait for the healing from the 1540 for about a week. It is fine to continue treatment then. The 1064 laser is safest for you skin type but it will take 6-10 treatments to get improvement.

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Laser resurfacing and hair removal skin type 4

Thanks for your question. 1540 laser skin resurfacing is genetally done at 4 week intervals but could be 6 week intervals, same for laser hair removal. If you did 6 weeks, and alternated to do one service every 3 weeks, that would be avceptable. So week 1 do 1540, week 3 hair, week 6 do 1540, week 9 do hsir and so on. More importantly, if you ate skin type 4 I HOPE you have been placed on minimum 6 weeks of skin conditioning PRIOR to starting the 1540 sessions. This involves using medical grade skin care containing hydroquinone, retinol 1%, antioxidants, etc such as ZO Medical Skincare. This is important to prevent you from getting hyperpigmentation during the healing process triggered by the 1540. This is standard of care and should NOT be skipped. It should be continued throughout the treatment course though if using retin A you will likely be advised to stop it 3  to 7 days before and 7 days after each 1540 session.Best,Lisa Vuich, MD

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Hair removal after resurfacing.

laser hair removal requires 4-8 see ions at monthly intervals. You can perform laser hair removal safely after 8 weeks .If hair is the more distressing issue you could finish series of hair removal first. 

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