Do you go home the same day after Tummy Tuck ?

I just found it weird that you go home an walk so much the same day when after a c section they don't make you walk the same day.

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Moving after Surgery

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It is important to walk and move after any surgery and even during long plane rides to keep your blood flowing to prevent blood clots that can break off and go to your lungs. Best to follow your surgeon's advice. Good luck!

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Walking after tummy tuck

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Getting out of bed or a recliner after a TT or rather any surgery is recommended as it helps reduce the risks of a DVT(leg thrombosis) which can lead to a possible deadly PE(pulmonary emboli). Now, getting out of bed doesn't mean you should be doing laps around the house; out of bed to the bathroom and back to bed would suffice. Please see link below to get your free cheat sheet on "7 keys to a great tummy tuck." 

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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Go home the same day after Tummy Tuck ?

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I perform surgery at an outpatient surgery center. Most patients are usually discharged home the same day as surgery, preferably with a nurse for one day. It is the rare patient who, for a variety of reasons, may benefit from additional monitoring ( as an overnight stay or as an inpatient).

Regardless, when you are discharged home it is important to have a good support system to help you during the healing process ( the more help the better). Generally speaking, the tummy tuck operation is associated with a very significant physical (and often emotional) recovery period, often underestimated by patients. Best wishes.

Walking after surgery

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Thanks for your question.  Depending on the complexity of the tummy tuck I either keep my patients overnight at the surgery center or send them home.  For all patients, I recommend getting up and walking as soon as possible.  This can be as simple as walking from bed to bathroom or taking a few slow laps around the kitchen island.   Walking helps to promote healing and prevents blood clots after surgery so very important. 

Wishing you the best,
Steven Camp MD

Steven M. Camp, MD
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Tummy Tuck Day of Surgery

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Thank you for your question. 

Your abdominoplasty may be performed in a hospital or at our surgical outpatient facility. A general anesthetic is administered, so that you will be asleep throughout the procedure. When surgery is completed, you will be taken into a recovery area where you will continue to be closely monitored. Small drain tubes will have been placed within the abdominal tissues to help avoid accumulation of fluids. Gauze or other dressings may be applied to your abdomen and covered with tape or an elastic bandage.

You may be permitted to go home after a few hours unless you and the doctor have determined that you will stay in the hospital or our surgical facility overnight. Best of luck!

Dhaval M. Patel 

Double Board Certified 

Plastic Surgeon 

Hoffman Estates 




Dhaval M. Patel, MD
Hoffman Estates Plastic Surgeon
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Outpatient basis

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Yes, a tummy tuck is generally performed on an outpatient basis. That means you go home the same day, after spending a few hours in the recovery room at the surgical facility. Leisurely walking around a bit after surgery reduces the risk of blood clots.

Go home

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 Yes you can go home and walk after a Tummy tuck  especially because of the newer techniques used for this surgical procedure. Remember elective cosmetic surgery of the abdomen does not involve dividing the muscles and entering your pelvic cavity. That's why you cannot go home after C-section. 

Going home after Tummy Tuck

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Almost all of my patients go home the same day after a Tummy Tuck because they can get around and are more comfortable at home.  Early ambulation after any surgery reduces the chance for blood clots in the leg veins which is usually very low (depending on your medical history) but not zero.  We ask patients to refrain from bending, lifting, and straining but encourage them to walk around the house (e.g. trips to the kitchen and bathroom with assistance) as tolerated.
Occasionally a patient will want to stay overnight for a variety of reasons such as their surgery was later in the day, there is no one at home to help them that night, or they just want a night to recover away from the kids and pets.  Because we perform tummy tucks in a hospital operating room, we can admit the patient to the hospital  for overnight observation where they are well cared for and discharge them after seeing them the next morning.

Martin B. Weiss, MD (retired)
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Do you go homethe same day after TT?

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Thank you for your question. In some cases you will stay the night in a facility, a TT and C section are different surgeries. We encourage our patients to ambulate after their TT surgery. 


Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Do you go home the same day after Tummy Tuck ?

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Thank you for your question.  In my practice, my patients typically go home the same day after a tummy tuck.  They're advised to maintain light activity, which means walking within the home to a limited extent.  I warn them not to stay in bed 24/7 because that would decrease blood flow through their legs, increasing the risk for blood clots (deep vein thrombosis).  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon and inquire about these instructions for your surgery.  Good luck!

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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