Bonding VS Componeers? (photo)

All of my teeth have fillings, including my front teeth. Even though I can afford porcelain veneers I chose dental bonding to fix my front teeth because I feel it looks a bit less fake. However, my dentist just got a set of Componeers from Coltène/Whaledent and he wants me to have instead the Componeers. Would bonding or componeer veneers be the right option if a). I desire my teeth to look as natural as possible and b). I want to avoid further tooth reduction.

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Combination of ortho and vaneers/crowns

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I would get ortho consult too as generalized spacing can be seen on your pictures to see how far they can align your teet in better position for vaneers or crowns. Componeer is one of the options but I would definitely consider combination of crowns and vaneers after ortho consult .

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Bonding verse comp.?

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If your teeth have so many filling I feel full crowns would be better since when you need to replace the fillings it can be very difficult with veneers or bonding on the teeth... When you have full crowns they cover the entire tooth so you don't have to worry about changing the fillings. Good Luck


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