I Have Long Front Tooth Like Bunny. Suggest Me the Proper Treatment? (photo)

my front tooth are long like bunny and even had a braces treatment a long time back and also the nearby teeth i had done root canal treatment. kindly suggest me the proper treatment for making front tooth in proper shape

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I have long front teeth what can I do ?

Many different options and cost... 1. enamelplasty adjusting incisal edges no local usually not expensive but teeth maybe slightly sensitive. 2.Orthodontics to move teeth. 3. Crowns or veneers to reshape teeth fees may run from $75.00- $1850.00 per tooth good luck and your teeth don't look that bad.


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD   CEO Baystate Dental PC.

Springfield Dentist

Longer anterior teeth

The aesthetic standard that is considered a golden rule in dentistry - when upper lip is relaxed and mouth slightly opened, at least 1 mm of the incisal edge  of anterior upper incisors should be showing. Otherwise the smile is considered "old". Longer central incisors add youth and attractiveness to your smile. If you are extremely concerned about that try to find experienced cosmetic dentist before you will do irreversible procedures like enamel removal or polishing. 

Long Front Bunny Teeth

See a good cosmetic dentist for all your options. You might only need some selective cosmetic contouring of those long 2 teeth.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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