Dental Bonding on Front Tooth & Whitening? (photo)

My front tooth grew in with a major chip in it. The entire front surface of my tooth was filled with bonding as a result this was about 11 years ago. I am not sure if the bonding didn't match or has changed color overtime. I would like to whiten my teeth and have the tooth re-bonded to match. (I was considering invisilign but right now it is simply too expensive so I am hoping this will help my teeth at least look a bit better) Should I whiten first? Or have it bonded and then whiten?

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Bonding problem should I whiten first or bleach

I almost always suggest whitening first then wait 1-2 weeks for the color to settle in then place bonding or crown or veneer. Remember bleaching in most cases needs to be redone every year or so. If you don't the bonding won't change color but your nature teeth will go back to original shade, good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD  CEO Baystate Dental PC

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Always whiten before bonding!

Always whiten before any bonding procedures are done! From the photo, we can see the discoloration, however, if that was done 11 years ago, that's great. We now have numerous materials options & shade of bonding resin, as well as finishing & polishing materials to help get the best result possible!  

I'm sure all of my colleagues will agree that one of the hardest aesthetic  treatments is a single tooth bonding or even a single tooth veneer!

Whiten Before Dental Treatment

We typically recommend tooth-whitening prior to any restorative treatment, making sure that you do have a "rest period" of 1-2 weeks post-whitening for your teeth to settle in to their new natural shade.  This way, your dentist can make a match to your new shade, and voila!  Good luck!

Whiten and Brighten!

Hi there. I always recommend my patients whiten their teeth prior to any cosmetic procedures.  We are a highly cosmetic office and the best bet is always to whiten first and then match the bonding or veneers to the new shade!


Good Luck!

Parnaz Aurasteh, DDS
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Bonding and whitening

Always whiten your teeth prior to having any type of restoration replaced, including bonding.  None of the materials which we employ to restore your teeth will bleach.  So, if you want your teeth to be lighter, you need to whiten first and have the restoration replaced once the whitening is completed in order to match it to the lightened shade of your teeth.

Chad Colson, DMD
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