What is BodyTite Lipo?

I've been hearing about Bodytite -- some new kind of lipo? What is it? Is it safe? Does it work?

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BodyTite liposuction

BodyTite is a new form of energy-assisted liposuction using computer-controlled application of radiofrequency energy. This energy is delivered from the liposuction cannula tip, causing simultaneous melting and removal of fat, but also controlled heating of the skin. This heating is responsible for one of the main advantages of BodyTite - the potential for improved skin-tightening.

BodyTite uses both internal and external (skin surface) temperature sensors to minimize the risk of burns; the energy is instantly turned off by the computer when the desired temperature is attained. This sort of closed-loop power delivery is not available with any other type of energy-assisted liposuction.

BodyTite has been approved in Canada since last summer but FDA approval is still pending in the US, likely to come-through by early summer 2010. True, this technology is very new and I suggest you do some additional research and consider a consultation with a surgeon experienced with BodyTite as well as other forms of liposuction. As a surgeon who offers this technology my opinion is biased, but you could start with information on my website and the BodyTite website.

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Avoid liposuction with catchy names.


Tumescent liposuction has a long record of safety and good results. I recommend avoiding operations with trademarks or catchy names, since you are now dealing with marketing and not science.

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Bodytite liposuction

Bodytite liposuction refers to a radiofrequency energy delivered to the fat prior to liposuction aspiration (removal). This is similar to but a different energy used compared to laser-assisted liposuction. It is relatively new and long term studies and comparative studies are not available yet.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Bodytite liposuction

This is a new approach to an old idea. It is the use of external radio frequency energy (delivered in watts) to the fats. Also the heating of the dermis causes skin tightening to a degree. Very similar to Smart Lipo. The company believes in local anesthesia primarily. There are many tools in use. This one is new and I bet the complications are around the corner - burns of the skin. It is not as controllable as the fiberoptic of Smart Lipo. Go compare and than you can decide upon the better technology and use.

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