Had a Blepharoplasty and Lower Lid is Pulled Away From Eye

blepharoplasty lower lids combined with mid face lift, lower eye lid left eye is dropping or pulling away from eye, mid way acrocc the eye half has gone back and I am massaging doing everything I can after 6 weeks will it go back I am scared as hell everything is else is wonderful but that


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Had a Bleph & Lower Lid is Pulled Away Frm Eye.Answr:

It is not unusual to have this happen after lower eyelid surgery and there are things you can do that can help...massage and night taping are the most benign things to do and do help a lot and in some patients it can take awhile. But is severe cases I do send my patients to an opthamologist and they get a little more aggressive with injections...But the good news is they all seen to eventually do just fine!!

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Lower eyelid malposition is a common complication after mid face surgery.

A photograph would be helpful for supplying more specific information regarding your situation.  A number of mid face / lower eyelid procedures are associated with a discouragingly high rate of lower eyelid complications.  While time is very helpful, it unfortunately does not resolve every lower eyelid issue.  I recommend considering seeking a second opinion with a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery  maintains a geographic directory of highly qualified oculoplastic surgeons on its website (asoprs dot org).

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Scarring will soften with time and massage

It is normal to be worried about your outcome. Part of our job as surgeons is to provide "hand holding" and explanation for the patient.

The massage is certainly helpful, but as mentioned, there are other techniques such as injection with steriods and anti-scar medication [5-Fluorouracil] that can minimize the aggressiveness of the scarring. Discuss these options with your surgeon, and if he is not comfortable with these techniques, then ask him, in a nonthreatening way for a referral.

You can also find a well trained Oculoplastics surgeon at the website ASOPRS dot org.

Best of luck.


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Post Blepharoplasty Lower Lid Problem - Ectropion

Without an exam or even a photo hard to answer specifically and depends on the cause.

Ectropion, or lower lid pulling away from the eye, in general is not uncommon following a blepharoplasty especially when more than one procedure is done using the lower eyelid incision and usually resolves on its own. . In your case a  midface lift and lower blepharoplasty.  It is often caused by the initial edema which adds weight to the lower lid. The edema can become firm (induration) and this will be improved with massage  and taping at night, if severe during the day too. Make sure your surgeon instructs you how to do both of these if he/she thinks it helpful. If however it is because of deep scarring also called ciccatricial ectropion, then other measures are helpful such as injections of steroids with or without 5-FU, or a temporary stitch to close the lids (lateral tarrsorrhapy suture). The key here is close followup and good compliance with your surgeon's advise.


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