Can I Get Bigger Implants 6 Months Post Op?

I am 24 years old 5'9 140 lbs. Three months ago I had breast augmentation with 400cc silicone implants. I was a large A before. Now that the swelling is gone I am very disappointed and want to go larger soon. I can wear a 36 C or 34 D. They look like a large C. Without a push up bra I do not achieve my desired look. I would like to get larger implants at 6 months. I'm thinking 500cc - 550 cc. Is there any reason my doc wouldn't do this?

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"Going On Up" - 400cc to 550cc

Let's review your situation. Less than 6 months ago, you went from a 34A to 36C or 34D with 400cc silicone gel implants but you feel dissatisfied because you cosmetic goals were not met.  You feel you SHOULD be larger - much larger quicker and want to know why your "doc" won't just give in and put larger implants in.

I think I LIKE your surgeon and would like to explain to you why he is justifiably reluctant to do so. Obviously, he could make more money by going along and doing what you ask for - so he is knowingly losing money by taking this "unreasonable" stand.

WHY?  Because he really cares about you and wants to protect you from yourself.
- Large breast  implants = breast tissue thinning and uncovering of the implants with visible and palpable ripples
- Large breast implants = quick breast sagging requiring frequent and short lasting breast lift operations and MANY "who done this to you?" questions
- Large Breast Implants = cause irreversible breast changes which cannot be repaired

Having large breast implant is a FAUSTIAN BARGAIN (look it up); in exchange for a very short period of large perky breasts you will pay with multiple revision operations, each with ever decreasing effectiveness. With the exception of dancers and others who depend on such large breasts for their income and who understand the trade, I would advise you to listen to your surgeon before somebody else gives you what you are asking for.

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How soon to replace implants with larger size

you are tall and taller women usually can get away with larger implants, that said, it is important to find out if the new larger implant can safely fit in your breast and that you have to discuss with your board certified plastic surgeon. as far as timing, 6 months is plenty to have the implants replaced but remember the larger you go, the heavier they get and the quicker they will drop/sag. Again check with your surgeon to find out if that is safe or not and how much bigger you can go based on your measurment and examination.

Exchanging to larger breast implants

Choosing the right implant size is one of the most important aspects of breast augmentation.  It is important to realize that nearly everyone grows accustomed to their breast implants after surgery and sometimes feel that they could've or should've gone bigger.  Some patients call this "booby greed".  It sounds like you are experiencing this.  But don't forget, even though you have breast implants you can still use clothing to accentuate your look .  By using clothing you can avoid having to have a full, fake chest every waking moment of your life and you will have more flexibility in how you present yourself to the world.  Larger implants do come with increased risks and that needs to be weighed against the benefits that you are hoping for.  If you still feel that you want a larger breast size despite waiting at least 6 months from your surgery then you should discuss the risks and benefits with your surgeon.  I hope this helps and good luck.

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Check with your surgeon

Contact your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and schedule an evaluation to discuss your concerns. Your surgeon will discuss the concern with you as it relates to your individual case. Best wishes!

Christine Sullivan, MD
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Bigger implants

Bigger implants may lead to more problems.  The base diameter may be too large for you, and the heavier weight can contribute to earlier relapse.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Going Bigger,

Judging by your height and weight you are relatively thin. You went from an A to a C/D after your surgery. What I or any of the other surgeons here aren't privy to is the conversation you had with your plastic surgeon regarding size before your first surgery. This would in part determine whether your surgeon would or wouldn't be willing to go larger.

The bigger issue is that breast implants need to respect the natural dimensions of the breast and when these are violated you will undoubtedly have long term complications such as bottoming out and over thinning the skin and tissues. These will lead to even more revision surgeries. You already have large implants and you really must weigh the short term benefit of the size you want with the potential long term hazards of having an implant that is too large for your tissues to support.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Babak Dadvand, MD
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Large Breast implants

Yes, you could go larger at this time. A lot of plastic surgeons feel uncomfortable in going past a certain size. I do many women who desire large implants. The cavity is just made bigger to accomodate a larger size. It is easier to determine what size you want because you would say I want to be two cup sizes larger and I would then add 120-150cc for each cup size. A 100cc increase will only achieve about a 3/4cup size increase. Also, the swelling is gone totally only after about one year during which time the size definitely decreases, more so if the implant is put behind the muscle. Watch my video.

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Going larger with a breast implant

There are many reasons your doctor may not do this and one of the most important is your anatomy. IF your existing breast diameter is small, exceeding this could result in an undesireable appearance. Furthermore, at your relatively thin body weight, you are more likely sustain long term consequences of ptosis (sagging) with a larger implant. That having been said, if you are willing to sustain these additional risks, six months is a reasonable time to consider revision, although I prefer nine months.

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Larger implants - how soon?

I agree in thought with Dr Aldea, but have you discussed this with the operating surgeon? Is there a reason he has given you not to go larger? I see the reasons posted here by the other experts, and I basically agree. My concern is you sound like you will get them enlarged no matter what, so if you were my patient I would have you wait the 6 months than re discuss in great detail the risk/benefit ratios. Than have you sign a detailed consent outlining these issues. BUT remember you might still be unhappy after going to 550 cc's, so is your next step to a 650 cc? 

BTW think about an expender implant.

From MIAMI Dr. B

Going big after breast augmentation

There are a few problems with a larger implant- more visible implant wrinkling, more stress on your tissues, and probably a more un-natural appearance. At the 6 month point, there should be no reason why your surgeon could not remove and replace your implants. Your existing scar could be used, although it might have to be lengthened by a centimeter or so to accommodate the larger implant.

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