Big Thighs Won't Go Away Even when I Lose Weight Everywhere Else?

IDK what to do about this ugly problem.My thighs(particularily inner thighs) refuse to behave&lose weight,even though I diet&workout.The rest loses weight,but my thighs just won't,no matter how many/how often I do inner thigh workouts!I'm short too,so that make the problem worse&I'm too humiliated to wear shorts in the summer,because of how bad my thighs look.PLEASE help me!I cannot afford liposuction or I would have been there&done that.I am female&33,with an hourglass figure,if that helps.

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Big Thighs Won't Go Away Even when I Lose Weight Everywhere Else?

   If you have an hourglass figure and overall you have low body fat and you have stubborn residual fatty deposits on your thighs, then liposuction may be the best alternative.  It is hard to say without pictures or an exam and a little more information.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Liposuction for localized stubborn fat

If it was possible to target localized areas of fat such as the inner thighs or hips for reduction with diet and exercise, we would send everyone to the gym instead of the operating room for liposuction. It sounds like you are experiencing a common problem, which is genetically determined fat distribution. In this situation, you will continue to lose where you don't need to before the disproportionate areas start to reduce. Unfortunately, no shortcuts and this is exactly what liposuction is for.

Richard Baxter, MD
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