I had chemical lactic peeling two days ago. What should I use: Aquaphor or Momate on my sore areas? I'm really confused

After peeling procedure I m facing few burns like thing on my face and redness too. Is this normal occurrence after peeling? My doc is telling it's not burn it's jus part of process. He recommended me to use Momate on affected areas. After few research on Momate I m getting too skeptic on its side effects. Can I use aquaphor on affected areas. As after research I think it's mild than Momate. I have sensitive skin. Please help me

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Burn after lactic peel

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Momate  is a topical  skin steroid  that reduces inflammation, redness, and swelling. Aquaphor is a steroid free OTC that is used for minor cuts and burns .
In small doses, Momate  is safe as it will help the burn to heal faster , but if you have sensitive skin you can use aquaphor which is petroleum based and not as harsh as the steroid . 
Remember to use Sunscreen  atleast thrice daily to avoid developing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation .

hope this helps 

Chemical Peel and after care

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It is very important that you use aquaphor or something emollient after your chemical peel and avoid the sun as well.  Your physician should have given you the proper instructions after your peel.  Please consult an expert for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

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