Can Bicuspids and Molars Be Moved Forward to Fill in Re-opened Extraction Spaces?

I had bicuspids pulled and braces as a kid. Spaces were closed backwards causin tmj. We are re-opening half bicuspid spaces on the upper. I will then have enough space for the mandible to come forward and improve TMJ and open airways. After the spaces are created, we want to pull the 2nd bicuspids and 1st molars to fill the re-opened spaces. We are hoping a reverse face mask will act as an anchor and be able to get those teeth forward to fill in the spaces. Any suggestions? No room for implants.

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Moving molars is VERY unpredictable and takes a VERY long time.  Much easier as a kid, but still a challenge.  Opening spaces is likely a good idea, but implants or bridges likely a better way to fill the space.

Moving teeth forward for tmj and breathing

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I have to tell you that the whole idea that moving teeth forward to correct tmj and breathing problems is very controversial.  NOT ever orthodontist believes that this is a proper treatment!  Before you start such an involved treatment get at least 2 other opinions from orthodontists who are independent from your doctor!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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