Dhi punch vs fue punch?

Hello i know that dhi is a company and not a method however they seem to advertise there type of punch vs normal fue punch's They seem to leave less scars at the punch area What do you think ?

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All FUE punches produce similar scars. It is the size of the punch that will determine the scar.

All FUE procedures produce similar scars.  It is the size of the punch that will determine the scar (not the name of the punch).  Many doctors and clinics use their unique FUE punch.

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DHI punch vs normal punch

Anybody can make claims.  The scars that occur from FUE happen because a certain amount of skin is removed. Smaller punches make for smaller scars. 

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Mainly a marketing ploy

it's just a punch. 1mm or less. FUE of any type involves the use of a punch that's 1mm or less. With ARTAS, the harvesting is either with an 18 gauge needle or a 19 gauge. There's is no real difference in scarring, but those harvested with the smaller needle might heal a day faster (2 days instead of 3)! So, no difference. 

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