How long do lip fillers last on first timers? Risks? Minimizing pain?

Hi so i have a few questions: how long does juverderm last on people who first get their lips done? What are the risks to lip fillers and are they common? And is there any way to minimize the pain ? Thank you!!

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Lip Filler Basics

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Juvederm in the lips usually lasts up to six months, though this can vary from patient to patient. Common risks associated with lip fillers include swelling, bruising, redness, and the development of nodules, those these side-effects are usually mild. As for controlling pain, a topical numbing cream can be applied before treatment to ensure patient comfort. 

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Duration of lip fillers in first timers

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I generally prefer Juvederm filler in the lips, although I have used others with good success too. Juvederm is a bit softer and more natural feeling. I find most patients get about 6 months, and some even get 9-12 months, depending on how quickly their body metabolizes the filler. Most commonly, people have swelling for about 2 days, and there is risk of bruising which lasts about 1 week. Pain is minimized by using a filler that has anesthetic in it, and by injection technique from an expert injector. Otherwise, using a numbing cream or ice packs can also be helpful.

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Juvederm for Lips

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Thank you for your question. Because of its smoothness, some people prefer the results of Juvederm in lip augmentation and treatment wherever the skin is very thin. Although Juvederm can last for up to a year, the length of results depends on the areas being treated, with the lips lasting the shortest and under the eye hollows the longest. Juvederm is available with Lidocaine to further reduce discomfort associated with injection. For more information, I recommend getting a in person consultation with a board-certified dermatologist. 

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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Lip Filler: Longevity, Risks, Pain Management

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Juvederm injected in the lips typically last around 6 months, however this may last longer or shorter for some. Because the mouth and lower half of the face is so often in motion, filler tends to dissolve quicker in this area.

The most common risks involved with lip filler is swelling and bruising, with the development of nodules being less common. Swelling and bruising can be minimized through technique (cannula, vein light, etc.), as well as proper preparation by the patient (avoiding aspirin, fish oil, Vitamin E, etc. prior to treatment). Nodules can naturally form with injection, however any “lumps” or “bumps” can easily be dissolved with hyaluronidase.

Pain can be managed via topical numbing and/or a dental block, if necessary. Most fillers are also manufactured with lidocaine, allowing for more comfortable injection.

Consult with a board certified Dermatologist with ample experience in lip augmentations, and be sure to study before and after photos to ensure their aesthetic matches the results you desire. Best of luck.

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Usually, Juvederm lasts about 6 months in the lips.  But everyone is a bit different.  Swelling, bruising, and sometimes lumps and bumps can develop.  However, most of the time these are all very short lived problems.  Pain is generally well tolerated.  But, nerve blocks can be performed if necessary.

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Fillers last anywhere between 4-10 months for most first timer patients in my experience. It depends on various factors including the amount injected, the type of filler injected, and the amount of activity or motion typically performed by the patient's perioral muscles. Risks can be found on each type's website, but in general common risks include but are not limited to pain, bruising, and swelling. More rare but serious risks include granulomas, infections, nodules, and vascular occlusion leading to tissue death. Pain can be minimized by having local anesthetic injected or topically placed on the lips. Many fillers also include an anesthetic within the filler. It is important to have an in-office consultation with an injector who is experienced and can safely inject your lips but is also prepared to treat any complications that my arise. Hope this helps!

Johnson C. Lee, MD Plastic Surgery

Johnson C. Lee, MD
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Lip filler questions

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Juvederm should last about 4 months. Some get 6 months out of it but if you do, consider yourself lucky. The risks are bruising, infection, swelling, poor cosmetic result, and vascular occlusion. The results and risks are highly dependant on the injector. I use topical numbing cream and most patients are very comfortable with this and proper technique. It is important to choose a physician with whom you are comfortable with and has great before and afters. Cannulas decrease the vascular risks but it is hard to place filler as precisely with them in the lips. 

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Lip fillers

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Hi Jenny,

Juvederm and Restylane are both great fillers for the lips.   Most people maintain the lips they like by injecting twice a year and as time goes you can space it more apart. 

You ask about risks and when you go on-line you'll find everything under the sun and the moon.   But,  truthfully, I haven't seen anything too drastic over the years.   Most common is lumps and asymmetry, both of which can be easily corrected.   Depending on the look you are looking for there are many options in products and techniques.  It's worth doing some investigation on results before you choose your doctor.  

Topical anesthetic and the usage of a cannula can really minimize the discomfort.  All the best! 

How long do lip fillers last on first timers? Risks? Minimizing pain?

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Thanks for your questions.  I know that first time lip enlargement procedure patients are a bit nervous.  Lips are more sensitive and in my practice I use all of the techniques to make the experience as easy as possible with the use of topical creams and application of cold compresses.  Injecting slowly and allowing the numbing medicine within the product to work makes for a much easier treatment experience.

You should also avoid blood thinners for ten to fourteen days prior to your injection to diminish swelling and possible bruising.  Also, avoid Vit E for 2-3 weeks (though many patients don't follow this and do well) if you're willing to be compulsive!  Expect the product to last on average for 8-9 months.

Good luck and enjoy your results.  Remember to start conservatively to avoid looking overdone.  Watch the video linked to above for helpful information and regards Jenny.

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Getting The Most Out Of Lip Fillers

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Hi Jenny. Usually lip filler can last between 6 months to 1 year. Each person is different and in come cases they may last less, or longer, but these are rare. The main risks of lip fillers are injection related and include swelling, bruising, lumps, asymmetry, etc. There are several techniques that help minimize the discomfort during the injections. Having an experienced injector perform the fillers will help minimize risks and make the whole process more comfortable. Lip injections are an art and knowledge of anatomy, choosing the right filler, injecting the right amount, and using proper injection technique are crucial in getting an optimal result. Make sure you feel comfortable with your injector. Hope this helps answer your question.

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
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