Could a "Belly Apron" Be Contributing to my Lower Back Pain?

I am a 33 year old mother of four. I have chronic lower back pain and a "belly apron" Could the sagging in the front be causing the pain in my back?

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Belly pain and abdominal apron

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An abdominal pannus or "apron" would have to be very large in order to be attributed to back pain.  Most back pain is associated with a problem with the spine or surrounding muscles, not from an abdominal pannus.  I suggest a consultation with your primary care doctor followed by an orthopedist, if deemed necessary.

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Excess skin (belly apron) likely not related to back pain

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Excess skin in your anterior abdominal wall is likely not exacerbating or affecting your chronic back pain.  Please see your primary care physician for an evaluation of your back pain.

Back pain and belly apron

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I believe that this question was asked, with more specifics, a few days ago. The answer has not changed. Back pain is generated by musculoskeletal or neurological problems and should be treated accordingly.

"Belly Apron" potential contribution to Lower Back Pain?

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While a Panniculus or "Belly Apron" COULD be worsening Lower Back Pain, the real cause is more copmmonly divided among spine disease (arthritis, disc disease), weakened back muscles and being overweight. In the presence of more of the latter, an apron removal or tummy tuck is NOT likely to resolve existing back pain.  You may want to consult a back specialist (Spine surgeon or neurologist) to examine your back and guide you.

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