Butt thread lift. (photos)

I did a bbl and after the results I wasn't too happy of the shape. As I wanted more fat to be inserted I didn't have enough. So i decided to do a butt thread lift and the results are exactly what I wanted. The question I have is its been 3 months since I did the butt thread lift and I am still having pain where the thread was inserted. The pain is tolerable but it happens when I sit or laying down. I am wondering is this normal or does it take more time for it to go into place.

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Butt Thread Lift

Every surgical technique has its side effects and complications.  Feeling, discomfort, tearing through the tissues and migration of the threads are associated with thread lift procedures.  Removal of the thread will typically resolve these complications.

Please consult with your treating surgeon as they are most familiar with you and your procedure.

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