Why V Beam (Pulsed Dye Laser) is Not Effective Against the Flushing of Rosacea?

i had my 5th session of V beam ( pulsed dye laser) 3 weeks ago ,My experience with it was ok because it has removed the heavy redness,but my problem was never with redness my problem is flushing n there is no proper improvement in the triggers of flushing even after 5 sessions.Really frustrated no one talks about the flushing ,i 'cnt even go outside during daytime even with spf 50. i am treated with V beam perfecta (without bruising) i am hopeless ,tell me about any proper treatment for rosacea

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Rosacea and flushing

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The V-Beam laser is the gold standard treatment for rosacea and the flushing that goes along with it.  Many people with rosacea do not have consistent redness. It takes a trigger of some kind, heat, cold, wind alcohol, spicy food, nervousness, exercise, etc. in order for redness to appear. The original V-Beam was and is a wonderful laser. The newer version of the V-beam is the V-Beam Perfecta. The most significant change about the Perfecta is that there is no down time. With the original V-Beam, most people would experience "bruising" with each treatment. That is usually not the case with the Perfecta laser.  A person with a more severe case of rosacea might require more treatments, or a slightly higher setting that could potentially result in some mild to moderate bruising.  If you are seeing improvements, the V-beam laser treatment is working.

It is important to avoid sun exposure during and after treatments. It is also important to avoid using sunblock with chemicals. Many, many people with rosacea and sensitive skin are particularly sensitive to to the chemical octyl methoxy cinnamate. If you are using a product with this chemical, this may be contributing to your flushing. Most people with rosacea do have very sensitive skin. Avoid artificial colors and fragrances in skin care products and even use fragrance -free laundry detergent and hair care products.  Use a chemical-free sunblock with a high SPF every day.

Most people, especially younger people do not need five or more sessions to treat rosacea. hang in there. This is truly a life-changing treatment.

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Vbeam laser treatment for facial flushing

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VBeam Pulse Dye Laser is the most effective treatment for facial redness and veins. VBeam should also lessen the severity of flushing; however the nursing staff under supervision of board-certified dermatologist may need to increase the energy above the subpurpuric threshold where you may experience bruising for whole week. In addition, you should aim to decrease exposure to known triggers of facial flushing and consider taking low-dose anti-inflammatory doxycycline

William Ting, MD
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