I Had a Chemical Peel On My Legs and Now Have Hyperpigmentation. What Can I Do?

i had my legs chemically peeled first week of august and they applied 2 coats of the solution. the following day i came back and there were dark areas of my legs that seemed to be burned due to the application,it healed after almost 3 weeks. but my legs didn't entirely peeled off,and there are dark pigmentation. the doctor said that i need to spend a lot of time on water,which i did but it's still the same. how can i remove it faster??

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Treating PIH

You are developing a post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Treatment for this type of problem includes the use of hydroquinone 4 to 8 %, Kojic acid, Retin-A, Topical steroid creams.  You can expect it to take up to 10 weeks for the pigmentation to clear. 
Also available from a compounding pharmacy is Klingman's formula which is a mixture of all of the above chemicals.

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Chemical peel and hyperpigmentation

First, sun protection is paramount, to prevent the pigmentation from getting darker.  Higher-SPF sunscreen is advised and should be worn daily.  Second, a dermatologist may prescribe topical bleaching agents such as hydroquinone 4% cream to apply to the dark areas at night to help lighten the dark spots.  Other lightening agents include arbutin, kojic acid, and retinoid creams.

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