Would acupuncture for lips be safe alternative to lip injections?

Please give me some information....

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Acupuncture Is Not Safe for the Lips

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It varies from person to person as everyone do have different reactions to injections.Acupuncture can help to cure not only disorders but cosmetic conditions as well, from dry skin to facial blemishes to wrinkles. It helps in  skin tightening, fuller and softer lips, and a decrease in superficial and deep skin creasing. There are certainly many benefits for acupuncture but if your skin and lips are too sensitive, I would not advise to have acupuncture for lips.

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

Lip Acupuncture

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It depends on the goal of the treatment. Historically (i.e., before fillers were invented), some women would use carefully placed needle sticks (acupuncture) to make the lips swell temporarily. The effect is short lived and somewhat unpredictable. As a replacement for filler injections, this is likely to be underwhelming. Best of luck moving forward!

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