I Am a 28 Year Old Overweight Female, Is Lipo Right For My Case?

As i already mentioned i m obese n hav tried almost al possible ways of weight reduction but nothin seemed to help me in reducin my weight. I wan to go in for lipo but ppl around r suggestin for bariatric surgery. Am confused.. I am 5 ft 5 inches in height, weight 120kilos unmarried female. I would like to know the pros n cons of such surgeries... But i personally wan to go in for lipo but i wan an expert advice on this. Requesting to help me out to clear the confusion.. Thnx in adv..

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I Am a 28 Year Old Overweight Female, Is Lipo Right For My Case?

I think that some type of weight reduction is warranted in your case. Approaching your issue through liposuction is not wise.  I think that losing the weight and getting you healthy is important before going forward with an elective cosmetic procedure.

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Liposuction or Weight Loss?

Hello. Thanks for writing. Many others are like you and should be asking this question. Yours is a very difficult question.

Liposuction is not the answer. Anyone who says so is either dishonest and only out to get your money or inexperienced.

Have you ever seen a weight loss doctor? Do you have any friends who are losing weight? Do you record and watch Dr Oz? The answer might be somewhere in those questions. Obviously you need to try something new. Now might be a good time.

God bless.

T. Wayne Day, MD
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Liposuction and overweight

Liposuction is not an operation for weightloss. If you are more than 200 lbs and 5'5" you need to lose a lot of weight to get to your goal weight. You shoudl focus on diet and exercise first, and then consider plastic surgical options if you are unhappy with the contour.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Liposuction in a 28 year old overweight female.

Liposuction is considered a form of body contouring elective cosmetic surgery.  It may be considered most appropriate in patients closest to their ideal body weight that have residual areas of lipodystrophy or fatty deposits that are just not responding to a good diet and exercise.  IT is in no way , a good option for weight loss.  Your best bet may involve further evaluation by your primary care doctor  to address weight loss options prior to considering liposuction or other forms of body contouring surgery.

Stephen Delia, MD
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