How Long is the Recovery for Liposuction to the Ankles? Can I Combine With Calf Procedure?

What is the recovery time for liposuction to the ankles (to treat cankles or chubby ankles) and could this be done in conjunction with calf augmentation? Would doing these procedures together cause any prolonged healing or have any bad effects on each other?

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Caution with ankle liposuction

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of liposuction of the leg any lower than the hip and thigh region.  It has always seemed to me that the results are more unpredictable as you move to the knee, calf, or ankle area.  Also, the ankle area in particular is not very forgiving.  The skin is thin and the legs frequently endure longer stretches of swelling because they tend to be down with gravity in normal activity.  In fact, I would say that 3 or 4 months of visible swelling would not be abnormal.  If I were to perform liposuction in that area, I would have my patient use strong compression stockings for at least 3 months daily and for 6 months during the night.  This is not easy to be compliant with in warmer months.  Other issues you may see with this area of liposuction include pigmentation, stiffness, prolonged pain, numbness to the big toe area, depressions of the soft tissue/uneven appearance and blistering of the skin.  This should not be done for anyone with circulatory issues.  For the most part, I talk people out of it.  Having said that, in the right candidate, it can be done safely. 

I would also not be crazy about combining these procedures together due to the swelling potential.  I also think that placing the liposuction fluid in the area might mask some of the anatomic landmarks that you are respecting while placing calf implants and all the exposure might increase the risk of infection in the setting of placing implants.  It would be my preference to stage the procedures. 

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Calf and Ankle Liposuction

The recovery from Ankle (and Calf) liposuction is longer and requires a longer time in a compression garment because of dependency of the area (gravity) especially when standing. You can be up and around within a few days but will remain swollen for at least several weeks.

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