During Bariactric Surgery, Can a Doctor Remove Visceral Fat?

When I was 6'2", 175 lbs, and very active, I had high cholesterol and more visceral fat than others. Now years later, I am 275 lbs and looking into the lap band. I wish there were a way to remove the fat near the liver since some researchers have shown this to related to high cholesterol. My doctor thinks if I lose 100 lbs, my cholesterol level will be in a safe zone. Well, I was 175 lbs and it was 250.

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Can Visceral Fat Be Removed During Bariatric Surgery

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No visceral fat is close to, or part of the abdominal organs and it is not safe or effective to try to remove that fat.  Weight loss due to caloric restriction that is achieved with the Lap Band is the most effective way to get rid of this fat.

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Remove visceral fat with Lap-Band

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Surgeons usually do not remove any fat at the time of weight loss surgery.  With weight loss the fat in the liver will go away.  That is usually one of the first places patients lose weight after surgery. Visceral fat is not related to high cholesterol.  Weight loss surgery can often help lower cholesterol levels as well.

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