Does Gastric Banding Result in a Lot of Excess Flabby Skin?

Once I have the stomach stapling procedure, will I end up with a lot of flabby skin?

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Excess skin after weight loss surgery

There are several factors that play into whether or not a patient will need plastic surgery after having bariatric or weight -- loss surgery. Some factors are the rate and amount of weight loss, the skin and connective tissue tone that one has prior to having surgery and ones desire for removal of excess skin. Removal of excess skin is almost always a cosmetic issue for patients well after their first year following bypass surgery and typically two years after gastric banding.

It is very important that patients maintain a good nutritional intake in order minimize complicaitons with a cosmetic procedure. Because weight loss surgery patients may be nutritionally deprived, it is important to have a good discussion with the bariatric surgeron prior to seeking this type of procedure.

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Excess Skin after Gastric Banding?

Yes, depending on the amount of weight loss, the duration of time you have been overweight, age, skin elasticity quality,  genetics, lifestyle ( healthy diet and exercise) you will likely have some excess skin that can be adressed after your successful weight loss.

In person consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons will be helpful.

Best wishes.

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Excess Skin After Lap-Band Surgery

With the Lap-Band, weight loss is gradual, maintaining muscle mass and skin elasticity. The ideal weight loss with Lap-Band surgery is one to two pounds per week. If Lap-Band patients eat a nutritious diet and are physically active they should not have any significant loss of muscle or skin elasticity as they lose weight.  How much excess skin a person has after they attain their goal weight will depend on a number of factors, including their age, how long they were obese, how much weight they had to lose, the quality of their diet, genetics and their overall level of health and fitness.  

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Gastric banding - Lap-Band with excess skin

Gastric banding or gastric bypass will result in weight loss.  Depending on how you carry your weight, your skin elasticity, and your age will determine how much excessive skin you may have.  Needing to remove excess skin is a good thing because it means you have lost lots of weight.  The most common area for excess skin is the abdomen which can be treated with a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.

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